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Birthdate:Jan 3
Location:Colorado, United States of America
Claire is 24 years old. She has medium length, straight, dark brown hair and greyish blue eyes. Her complexion is a little bit on the pale side, and she has some freckles that she tries to cover up with make-up.

Claire grew up in Colorado, an only child, with fairly ordinary parents who got divorced while she was in middle school. She finished college with a degree in computer science, and currently works an unglamorous job in technical support. Still, she's optimistic that it's just a step on the way up to something better. She's not overly passionate about computers, but she agreed to study them to satisfy her parents, who felt it would lead to much more stable career options for her than her own dream to star in musicals. Claire still belts out showtunes when she's on her own.

While she has not lived an exceedingly easy life, she hasn't experienced a lot of major difficulty either. She has a boyfriend, Jason, who is an actor who has played prominent roles in a few plays. They've been dating for about a year, and she expects to become officially engaged some time very soon.

Claire recently received word that she'd won a free vacation for two to Harmony Landing. She vaguely remembered filling out an entry form online, so she figured it wasn't a scam. She had thought it would be a good trip to take with her boyfriend, but his schedule was difficult, and her best friend from childhood, Allison Brooks, had been going through a difficult time. Allison had gotten laid off from her job a few months back, and then she'd recently gotten dumped by her boyfriend. Claire figured it would be a lot of fun to take Allison on this trip to cheer her up.

Traits: Optimistic, practical, spineless, naive, friendly

Skills: Singing, Computers programming, trouble-shooting, acting, disguise (make-up & costumes)

Deficiencies: Persuasion, Math, dancing, self-defense, mechanics

Equipment: Laptop computer, PDA, make-up, hair brush, changes of clothes, long blond wig, wallet (with credit cards and some cash), small flash light, feminine hygiene products, jewelry (two necklaces, three pairs of earrings), toothbrush, toothpaste
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